Friday, June 19, 2009

All for $18 spree!
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-Capping at 10 only / Closing on 30th of April!
-Items will arrive in 6-10 day.
-Shipping and handling fees included.

Order format:

Name of item:
Payment Method: Meet up/ Bank Transfer
Collection Method: Meet up/ Postage ($2 normal post, $3.50 reg post)
Your Number:

Mail all orders to : ! (:

Y0138 - Light Blue Jeans Blazer
Bust: 90cm,shoulder width: 35cm,sleeve length: 47cm ,Cuffs: 28cm ,Length: 49cm

R7337 - Victorian Flowers Chiffon Maxi Dress
Colors: Blue, Pink
Length: 118cm,Strap length: 17cm,Bust: 70cm can stretch to: 98cm

X073 - Korean Denim Jacket
Length: 44cm,Shoulder Width: 35CM,Sleeve Length: 57CM

R7190 - Studded Sleeves Round neck dress
Colors: Black, Blue

Length: 80cm
,Sleeve Length: 12cm,Bust: 82cm with elastic to stretch to: 102cm

A945 - Soft Rose Cotton Dress
Colors: Black, White
Bust :70-90CM Length: 52CM

Q1921 - Casual Studded Sleeveless Dress
Colors: White, Black

Bust :70-82cm, Dress length: 72cm , Shoulder Bandwidth: 4cm, waist :66-80cm

A513 - Sexy & Glamorous Breast Curve Bareback
Bust :90-100CM, Length: 117CM (with hanging neck length)

A2540 - Lotus waist Sexy Dress
Bust :70-86CM, Waist :60-80CM, Length: 67CM (excluding hanging neck long)

Q1928 - Denim + Cotton Fake 2 Piece Sweety Dress
Bust: 80cm,Skirt length: 74cm, Shoulder: 34cm, Sleeve: 40cm ,Waist :42-84cm

R8272 - Mosaic Lace + Cotton Shirt
Length: 55cm,Shoulder: - cm,Sleeve Length: 20cm,Bust: 70cm can stretch to: 88cm

Q1895 - Sexy Corset Tube Dress with 'Diamonds'
Colors: White, Purple, Black

Bust :60-80cm, Dress length: 59cm, Waist: 80cm

Q1926 - Fake 2 Piece Ribbon Classy
Bust: 76cm, Skirt length: 79cm, Sleeve: 22cm, Waist: 66cm

R8263 - Sexy Zipper Lace Dress
Length: 78cm, Bust: 80cm can stretch to: 96cm

R7193 - Rose Romantic Chiffon Dress
Length: 66cm, Bust: 70cm can stretch to: 92cm

A2542 - Sakura Floral Lace Tube Dress
Bust :80-90CM , Length: 70CM (excluding linked to neck length)

R7185 - 2 piece Apricot Cutie Pie Cake Dress
Length: 70cm Chest: 78cm can stretch to: 98cm Hem Width: 88cm

CA8347 - Bohemian Chiffon Maxi Dress
Colors: Black, White

Bust: 62-120CM skirt length: 122CM


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Suede and Nubuck Brush is 1 of the fantastic merchandise available in the marketplace now a day to do all such care for boots and shoes. It is a single of the most beneficial things to have in the property. Men and women really like their apparel and they adore their boots and shoes in order to stick to certain grooming tips..
extremely great jewellery or heirloom jewelry whose appeal you require to [url=]Ugg Boots sale[/url]
defend as a result of insurance coverage, it is intelligent to just take excellent photographs of such pieces and to have an appraisal carried out by knowledgeable. Make particular the photographs you taking are excellent, high quality sorts. Generating use of a flash when utilizing these pics will not lead to exceptional photographs of the jewellery.
My oldest daughter(12) knows the truth but she is not ready for the magic of the thought of Santa to be more than. My ydd(eight) still think are at least she doesn't want to think that Santa's is not real. We have always provided the kids presents from us and then they get two presents and the stocking from Santa.
For the duration of the 1960's, surfers would put on these shoes to warm their feet right after competition. The design would maintain their feet dry although preserving a continuous temperature. Seeing the practicality of the shoe with surfers, then an Australian started [url=]Ugg Boots cheap[/url]
to make the shoes to sell straight to the surfing crowd for the duration of these competition.
The moment that any person journeyed crazy excited about these sorts of boots and also you might possibly position ugg outlet just about anywhere, you should see all of them for the pavements and so on the foot of every celeb in distinct magazine. They might put on them making use of whatever and by any scenario that suggests the boots could properly be worn with jeans, shorts, skirts and even attractive bikinis. Whom may put on boots for the seashore? Exactly why stars do.

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