Sunday, April 25, 2010

(Instocks, payment must be in first)

-You tell me the colors!

Headphones: 1 for $16, 2 for $29

Any Earpiece: 1 for $10 only!
(MixStyle, M&M, Lego, Chewing Gum)
-M&M, Lego, Chewing Gum comes with free extra ear buds and cord keeper)

Send your orders to : ! (:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

EOS Japanese Lenses Spree Launched!
$18 per pair only!
Closing @ 21st April.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

All for $18 spree!
-2 for $17.50 each only! (Till 30th April only!)


-Capping at 10 only / Closing on 30th of April!
-Items will arrive in 6-10 day.
-Shipping and handling fees included.

Order format:

Name of item:
Payment Method: Meet up/ Bank Transfer
Collection Method: Meet up/ Postage ($2 normal post, $3.50 reg post)
Your Number:

Mail all orders to : ! (:

Y0138 - Light Blue Jeans Blazer
Bust: 90cm,shoulder width: 35cm,sleeve length: 47cm ,Cuffs: 28cm ,Length: 49cm

R7337 - Victorian Flowers Chiffon Maxi Dress
Colors: Blue, Pink
Length: 118cm,Strap length: 17cm,Bust: 70cm can stretch to: 98cm

X073 - Korean Denim Jacket
Length: 44cm,Shoulder Width: 35CM,Sleeve Length: 57CM

R7190 - Studded Sleeves Round neck dress
Colors: Black, Blue

Length: 80cm
,Sleeve Length: 12cm,Bust: 82cm with elastic to stretch to: 102cm

A945 - Soft Rose Cotton Dress
Colors: Black, White
Bust :70-90CM Length: 52CM

Q1921 - Casual Studded Sleeveless Dress
Colors: White, Black

Bust :70-82cm, Dress length: 72cm , Shoulder Bandwidth: 4cm, waist :66-80cm

A513 - Sexy & Glamorous Breast Curve Bareback
Bust :90-100CM, Length: 117CM (with hanging neck length)

A2540 - Lotus waist Sexy Dress
Bust :70-86CM, Waist :60-80CM, Length: 67CM (excluding hanging neck long)

Q1928 - Denim + Cotton Fake 2 Piece Sweety Dress
Bust: 80cm,Skirt length: 74cm, Shoulder: 34cm, Sleeve: 40cm ,Waist :42-84cm

R8272 - Mosaic Lace + Cotton Shirt
Length: 55cm,Shoulder: - cm,Sleeve Length: 20cm,Bust: 70cm can stretch to: 88cm

Q1895 - Sexy Corset Tube Dress with 'Diamonds'
Colors: White, Purple, Black

Bust :60-80cm, Dress length: 59cm, Waist: 80cm

Q1926 - Fake 2 Piece Ribbon Classy
Bust: 76cm, Skirt length: 79cm, Sleeve: 22cm, Waist: 66cm

R8263 - Sexy Zipper Lace Dress
Length: 78cm, Bust: 80cm can stretch to: 96cm

R7193 - Rose Romantic Chiffon Dress
Length: 66cm, Bust: 70cm can stretch to: 92cm

A2542 - Sakura Floral Lace Tube Dress
Bust :80-90CM , Length: 70CM (excluding linked to neck length)

R7185 - 2 piece Apricot Cutie Pie Cake Dress
Length: 70cm Chest: 78cm can stretch to: 98cm Hem Width: 88cm

CA8347 - Bohemian Chiffon Maxi Dress
Colors: Black, White

Bust: 62-120CM skirt length: 122CM